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Friday, July 1, 2011

...And the Horse I Rode in on

I know. Screw me, right? Here I am, another three months after my last post, which was like a million years after the post before that. Whatevs, y'all. I've switched day jobs (WOO-HOO!) and have been traveling around like friggin' George Clooney (mmm... Clooney) in "Up in the Air" as I go through the whole new-job-training rigamarole. It's going great, thanks for asking, it's just been way busy up in here.


So what has two thumbs, sucks at blogging, and is responsible for bringing a kick-ass skincare line to Franklin? THIS BITCH. I'm totally serious. I've been completely obsessed with Environ's anti-aging Ionzyme line, thanks to my super-sophisticated NYC friend Annie, who got hooked on it by her aesthetician. (FYI, this is the number-one why I need to be an aesthetician-- it's like being a crack dealer, but with products. Seriously, who wouldn't want that?) The issue was that I couldn't find it anywhere in Nashville, and the Environ website has all these warnings about buying their crap from an "unauthorized website." Well of course I was all "eff that, I have wrinkles," so I totally went over to and snapped up a whole mess of Ionzyme stuff. Then the next thing I know, there's this press release from the Environ people about suing for peddling their wares in an "unauthorized" fashion. Then I felt guilty. So fast-forward a few months, when I find myself sitting in the chair at Juel Salon, getting my hair did. My fabulous hair guy Eric was asking my opinion about brands that the new salon should carry that no one else in town currently had. I almost turned myself inside out convincing him and the salon owner Johnna to look into Ionzyme, and guess what. They totally did, and it's now flying off of Juel's shelves. You're welcome, Williamson County.

Ionzyme is pricy as all hell, but it's equally awesome. Go check out the back story on their website: a physician in South Africa got sick and tired of watching his patients die off of melanoma and roast themselves in the brutal African sun, so he took action. His efforts resulted in a skincare line with a cult-like following. I love the eye gel, I love the C-quence Masque (I have even slept in it before), I love the C-quence Creme. I love it all, for real. Save your pennies, barter with your friends, whatever it takes. Try this stuff.

I have so much more to share with y'all, and promise to do so in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday weekend! Please don't forget about the brave men and women who continue to fight everyday to protect our country's independence! Woo!


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