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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot in Herrre

Today is my birthday! That means I'm working as little as humanly possible! That means that I'm able to update my blog! At 3pm on a Thursday! And I don't feel guilty! Woo-hoo! Here's what I put together for the July issue of VIP Williamson, which will hit the stands this weekend. Happy Independence Day weekend, all!

“Hot! Hot! Hot!”

Is it hot in here, or is it just me? (I don’t think it’s just me.) Summer started off with a bang, and has left us to wilt and wither in its wake. What to do (besides languish by the pool or beach all day, in which case I may just have to hate you)? Peruse these beauty products and beat the heat beautifully!

So I told y’all last month about Hope Springs Eternal hydrating mist from our friends at Philosophy, and about how you should stash it in the fridge for chilly, misty relief. Do you know what should be parked right next to in in the old icebox? Herban Essentials Towelettes. On the surface, they’re antibacterial wipes. (Yawn.) But once you open one of the individual packettes, you’ll experience a beautifully-fragranced, essential oil-based, totally new way to cleanse, disinfect, and feel completely fabulous! These towelettes come in a variety of scents-- lavender is my favorite. Use one after working in the yard or while lounging poolside for refreshing relief. For all you moms out there, you’ll love how they can clean up grubby little hands (ice cream, anyone?) without trashing the skin of your little punkins. 

If you’re lucky enough to hit the beach this summer (including the Gulf Coast-- seriously, y’all, please go-- at press time, Destin was still beautiful and in desperate need of your visit), promise me that you won’t skimp on sunscreen. Yes, I’ve gotten on my soap box about this before; and yes, I’ll do it again. USE SUNSCREEN (and not the piddly SPF 4 stuff, either). During our trip down to the Emerald Coast last month, I rocked my beloved Coola organic sunscreen from the neck down, and my latest discovery from the neck up: Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock. Its broad-spectrum SPF of 70 blocks both UVA and UVB rays, and fights premature aging (caused by sun exposure) during the process. Additionally, it’s free of oil, fragrance, and PABA. It’s simply a must for cutting sun damage off at the knees. Interestingly, it won’t keep us fair-skinned ladies from racking up those cute freckles. Protect that precious hair color from fading with Frederic Fekkai Beachcomber Leave-In Conditioner. This lovely bi-phase spray detangles, boosts shine, and provides a UV shield. Also? It makes your hair look beachy-sexy, and who doesn’t want that?

While you’re being responsible about sun care, be sure to rock a sunless tan so that you can don those short-shorts and cute jumpers without blinding passers-by. My newest favorite is Xen-Tan. This line of self-tanning products actually produces a brown-based, neutrally-fragranced tan that lasts ten days. I swear. When it does start to fade (which any sunless tanner does without a maintenance lotion and/ or with shaving, exfoliating, and swimming in chlorinated water), it does so naturally, without the tell-tale “specks” that can sometime resemble a skin affliction. Definitely not pretty. This stuff isn’t yet available in any retail outlets in Nashville, but they’re so awesome that I don’t mind ordering them online. You won’t either. Trust the Beauty Junkie. 

For those sultry nights out on the town, make those legs and shoulders gleam with Fresh Sugar body oil. This lovely slip of a moisturizer imparts a beautiful, not-too-heavy sheen and a smell so delicious, you might need security detail! Pair it with Lancome’s Color Fever gloss in the aptly-named shade Heatstroke. It’s the perfect neutral pink that’s loaded with shimmer and shine. It’s, in a word, hot. 

Do you actually LIKE the heat? Do you enjoy sweating? Then you have to take a power yoga class! Lighthouse Yoga in Cool Springs and Yoga Country in Brentwood are awesome places to sweat out toxins and stress without the stifling humidity associated with outdoor exercise. If you make it to the Saturday morning class (my favorite, in both places), head down to the Franklin Farmers’ Market afterward and pick up some cool, delicious veggies while you jam to some bluegrass music. And if you get sweaty again? Who cares! 

If all else fails, kick back in your air-conditioned living room with my favorite cocktail: the skinny mojito. Muddle a handful of fresh mint leaves with four lime wedges and a healthy drizzle of agave nectar (instead of sugar). Add crushed ice, a shot (or two!) of light rum, lime juice, and club soda. Pour into a second cup and back into the original one to mix. Add a mint sprig and a straw. Take a big ol’ sip, and repeat after me: “Aaaahhhhhhh...”

Buying Guide

Herban Essentials: Woo Cosmetics, Green Hills
Neutrogena: local drugstores
Frederic Fekkai and Fresh: Cosmetic Market, Cool Springs
Lancome: Belk, Cool Springs Galleria 
Agave nectar (multiple brands): Whole Foods


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