Confessions of a Beauty Junkie

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Blog Whisperer

Picture yourself checking this blog for a new post. You check day after day, searching... searching.

There are no new posts. Not a single one for weeks. WEEKS.

Picture yourself discussing this tomfoolery with your friends who also read this blog (because you've told them ALL about it). Y'all are sitting at your favorite establishment, perhaps having beverages, and you're discussing and discussing.

Why hasn't that Beauty Junkie bitch posted anything recently? What is her damage?

What, does she have, like, ten kids? Four jobs? A mental disorder? ADHD?

Then, one of you looks up from your intense debate, and sees her: The Beauty Junkie. She's walking over to your table, keeping eye contact with you and your friends the whole time.

Holy crap! She's totally coming over to say "hi," and ask as to how she can be a better blogger/ resource/ Best Friend Forever! Wait, shhh, here she comes...


That's me, doing my best impersonation of Cesar Millan. I hear you barking, and if you were on a leash, I'd tug on it a little bit (just a little). I suck, okay? Can we please move on now? Yes? Good.

So here's what I slopped together for the February issue of VIP Williamson. Yes, I realize it's about Valentine's Day and all that happy crap. And yes, smart-ass, I do realize it's well after Valentine's Day. Just read it, and like it. I'll be back soon, and in a much better mood next time. Try not to whiz on the carpet. Cesar hates that.

“I Love You”

Brace yourself, kids: the Beauty Junkie is getting serious. In light of recent worldwide events (namely, the earthquake in Haiti), we each have an opportunity to view Valentine’s Day as something more than a romantic holiday. Let’s take this time to tell and show EVERYONE you treasure just how important they are in your life. As we’ve been remided of lately, life is much too short not to show our feelings to those we love. Here are a few ideas as to how to go about it:

For that special someone (and that totally includes yourself), a day at the spa is one of the best gifts ever. Blue River Canyon is one of my favorites, and offers legendary facials and sublime massages in their couples’ massage room. Also check out Woodhouse, Dion’s South, and Escape. The pedicures at Escape will make you want to go shoeless forever. Up the ante by stopping off at Schakolad in Cool Springs for some luscious chocolate-dipped strawberries. Treats and spa pampering? Yes, please! Short on time or funds? Set out a picnic in the den, replete with your favorite tunes, a chocolate fountain (snag one at Bed Bath & Beyond), and all the yummy fixings. Recall your sweetest memories and share your sincerest affections.

A dinner date is always a great way to enjoy some quality time together. Why not mix it up a bit? Check out the cooking classes offered by the Viking store for a different kind of date night. Choose from hands-on (for you ambitious types) or demonstration courses, and enjoy an informative evening chock-full of wonderful food. Head to the Factory before class for a romantic cocktail at Saffire or Boxwood Bistro. You homebodies can always whip up a fantastic meal together-- have fun replicating dishes from your favorite haunts, or inventing something new.

Go through all your photographs and find your favorites, be they of family, friends, or you and that special someone (of course, those fabulous solo pictures of your beautiful self also qualify!). Head over to Frames Unlimited and have those memories restored, matted, and framed-- beautifully. When it’s gift-giving time, make sure to get your loved ones’ reactions on video for posterity. They’ll love it!

Get bitten by the travel bug and steal away for the weekend. Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Lexington, Kentucky, are all homes to killer food, beautiful scenery, dangerous shopping, and fun nightlife. Stay at a romantic bed and breakfast, or crash at a local boutique hotel. Use this occasion to pick up a slick new travel set of toiletries! Cosmetic Market in Cool Springs has fabu sets by Bliss and Caudalie, and the Japanese skincare line DHC can be found online for additional kick-butt options.

Do something nice for yourself. Hit up one of those awesome spas mentioned above, or stop over at the Bobbi Brown counter at Belk for some sprucing. (Let them find your perfect shade of red lipstick.) Click over to Sephora and snag the Give Me Some Lip Valentine’s Day gift set. You’ll get a combination of glosses and lipsticks in gorgeous shades of pink and red for twenty-five bucks. While you’re online, head over to the Olio Lusso website for body and face oils that will make your skin glow like no other. Pick up Voluspa candles from Philanthropy in downtown Franklin, and fill your home with luxurious scents that aren’t sweet or obnoxious. Peruse the insanely hot accessories at What’s-In-Store, and rejoice when you find that sick pair of shoulder-dusters on the cheap. For the ultimate indulgence, snag a jar of La Mer Body Creme at Private Edition. The price is steep, but hey-- there’s no better way to be your own Valentine!

Finally, and most importantly, take a few minutes to TELL everyone you love just how much you do. As I said, life is precious, and impossibly brief. We’ve been reminded lately that things can change in the blink of an eye. Make sure that your words and kind and from the heart, and speak kind words to yourself. Love is all around, but it’s essential that it also comes from within you. Going out into the world full of love makes you absolutely beautiful, inside and out! Have a lovely February!