Confessions of a Beauty Junkie

Monday, October 5, 2009


So those of you who share my Facebook addiction have by now learned that I again find myself under the weather (what IS it about the first week in October that pisses off my body so much?!). This time? I'm on my freaking vacation with my freaking family in freaking Hilton Head. Here I sit, with oodles of time on my hands (while Hubs, Sis, et. al. live it up at a Packerbacker bar-- Hubs is a bit psychotic when it comes to Green Bay football), yet I cannot even motivate myself to take a shower-- wait, a freaking shower. When I do, however, I plan to do so with a Shower Steamer by Hydrasoap. My mommy found these cute little bath-bomb-esque tablets in an also-cute shop in Harbour Town and snapped up several as stocking stuffers. I played pitiful long enough to make her give me the one named "Clarity" containing eucalyptus and peppermint. I envision magically opened sinus cavities and an unburdened chest, all in the convenience of a hot shower, and all for less than five bucks. Sweet! If you're interested, peep their website here. They have all kinds of cute bath and shower products. I think you have to register in order to buy stuff from the website, so come up with a funny username, like clownpenis.fart. Do it. Please. I need something to laugh about; well, at least something that doesn't make me laugh so hard that I end up coughing up a lung.

P.S.-- This post is my first one from my fancy new MacBook! Who's fancy? I'M FANCY! (Well, not really, but I did have a Best Buy giftcard, and didn't officially have a personal laptop, but since I feel so crappy, I've decided to convince myself that I'M FANCY in hopes that it lifts the hacky coughy spirits.)