Confessions of a Beauty Junkie

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bridal Beauty Blunders to Come...

So I get an inoncuous message over the work email on Friday about some virus. I ignore and go about my business. A second, more urgent email comes across naming the virus ("VIRUT"-- I picture Dolph Lundgren's character in "Rocky V"), claiming only twenty people in the field were affected, and that there's no need to worry. Fast-forward to Sunday night when I can't get anything on my desktop to display. I reboot, reboot, and reboot some more. Nothing but my pretty picture of flamingos I took on our vacation that serves as my backdrop.

[Terse, exasperated sigh.]

I finished my March column entry late last week, but can't post due to the fact that I saved it as a Word document on my work laptop. Please be patient with me, ladies. I'm hoping to have things back to normal in a day or two, and at that point will happily post my self-deprecating story of pre-wedding beauty. (P.S.? I will likely expand on said stories, seeing as my lovely editor has to conform to her space restraints for my column, and you bitches know how I hate to be restrained-- but am a whore for publicity and am happy to stick to 750 words if it means those words will be found in print.) Sit tight, and feel free to share your potentially-embarrassing wedding stories, beauty-related or otherwise. Love, peace, and chicken grease.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Publish this!

So all went well with the column, and I find myself labeled the new Beauty and Style Consultant for VIP Williamson County magazine. Am flattered beyond belief! They don't currently have online issues, so pick one up at Kroger or your favorite cool-assed store (for you Nashville locals) or, alternatively, make one of your Nashville friends find you one and send it to you.

Next month's issue is going to be focused on weddings, and the editor has asked me to write about wedding beauty. Those of you closest to me know intimate details of my wedding-beauty pratfalls and mishaps (stop laughing, you bitches); those of you who don't are welcome to put in your two cents' worth before I turn in my column next Friday. I promise to be better about blog-specific posts going forward-- writing this column had obviously taken precedence.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Stay pretty, you whores.